40 years of Hello Kitty brings numerous product releases

Munich, March 2014

With a strong focus on women and girls of all ages, Hello Kitty is a well-established brand in GAS. 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the character with the famous bow. Apart from the celebration activities, Team! Licensing successfully managed to implement their strategy to broaden the Hello Kitty License portfolio by acquiring specialized partners and filling gaps in the product range. Many of these new product launches will hit the still under-saturated German market in 2014.

The long list of news starts with Delta Sports who is creating a line of tattoos with the popular bowed iconic character. Ju Sports, a company dedicated to the apparel needs of various fighting sports like Judo or Karate, acquired the license along with sportive poses affine to their special target group. If you think of Hello Kitty as pink and cute, you certainly will need to re-think and seeing their boxing gloves and karate gowns it becomes clear how wild Hello Kitty can be.

Hello Kitty is also about food and drinks. Delicious chocolates will be created by Chr. Storz, experts in chocolate and nougat since 1884, in various forms including hearts and classic bars. Limuh secured the rights for Ice Teas, Cola and refreshing stevia enriched soft drinks for daily consumption. More exclusive and decorative are the bottles shaped like classic Champaign flasks from Zimmermann-Graef & Müller. Targeted at Kids, they are of course alcohol-free and contain fizzy soft drinks to pep up any kid’s party. Similarly cool is Peter Spaks Hello Kitty branded Ketchup. Available in 280g bottles, in tubes or single serve sachets they add appeal to one of the most popular kid’s side dishes.

How to eat properly will also have to be learned. A cute cutlery set with Hello Kitty and her best friends is being released by Zwilling. The stainless steel set will ensure every meal is a fun experience and has been created with kids from three years upwards in mind.

Johnson & Johnson’s target group of their Bebe brand is slightly older. The Zartpflege range of Bebe, created particularly for young skin, will appear with stylish Hello Kitty visuals.

If you love Hello Kitty and own a real pet, Pet Value will have just the thing for you. They are dedicated to bring the food quality of a specialized pet store into the mass-market price segment and intend to catch the consumer’s eye by breaking with the boring approach of traditionally far from appealing branded cat food.


And these new items are just a few of the new releases. Many additional product news will follow in the coming months.