Team! Licensing says: Konnichiwa, Hello Kitty!

Munich, July 2013

A sweet girl with an unmistakable bow has been enchanting women and children’s hearts for nearly 40 years. Just in time for the upcoming Hello Kitty Anniversary in 2014 Team! Licensing secures the licensing rights for the famous and popular design icon for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  The sophisticated marketing strategy of Sanrio is implemented by Team! Licensing with vigor. Popular Sanrio Characters like Chococat, Keroppi, Badtz Maru and Charmmy Kitty complete the licensing portfolio.

„Small Gift, big Smile,“ is the simple, but extremely successful slogan of Sanrio. With the breathtaking growth of the recent years and an impressive product range, the focus is now a new, complex strategy, (nearly always) true to the above motto. Of course, every now and then big gifts are also willingly accepted…

At a first glance the scope of available Hello Kitty products may seem extensive, but a closer look reveals an appealing basis for gaining new, sustainable licensing partners. Team! Licensing already evaluated the existing program in great detail and is contacting defined potential partners. Conducting Promotions, cooperation’s and networking new and existing partners, as well as initiating retail activities, round off the first part of that new strategy.

The second approach is aiming for creative diversification. The younger fans of the brand surely will demand the classic interpretation but the demographic target is much broader and respectively wider are their needs. The days are gone when Hello Kitty was just pink. Sanrio is a role model when it comes to picking up trends, reinventing the sweet cat with new, hip styles. Besides the many versatile primary Style Guides Sanrio issues biannually up to 12 new supplements, keeping the brand fresh.

The newest interpretations of Hello Kitty proceed even further. It’s no joke, but an ultra-cool transformation, rendering the stars of the cult-games “Streetfighter”, “One Piece” and “Sega” as Hello Kitty cross-overs.

The third building block aims at the eminent 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty. Based on the current plans, all of those expecting a normal pattern like a special anniversary guide and merchandise program, will be disappointed. Not all details can be undisclosed at the moment, but one thing we are certain about: Sanrio’s approach will be truly innovative! More to follow soon!