Pippi Longstocking: kid’s classic brand becomes shooting star of licensing portfolio

Munich, November 2012

For the very first time the images of the original Pippi Longstocking movies, starring Inger Nilsson, have become available for licensed products. Team! Licensing, the agency overseeing the property, is very pleased with the market’s strong demand for the brand. During the recent LIMA licensing fair the resonance has been overwhelming. Partners from trade and prospective licensees recognize the potential of the classic movie brand.


Pippi is very popular with kids, but also with today’s parents who grew up with her. The eccentric redhead has amused generations of viewers, with the films still receiving regular airplay all around the world and being available on DVD.


“We are very happy that we are able to represent the classic movies and have high expectations in the licensing program of this famous and popular icon.” Katarina Dietrich, CEO of Team! Licensing explained. “Within hours of being permitted to market the brand we already negotiated the first licensing agreements. In close cooperation with the licensor we plan high quality product lines matching the character of Pippi Longstocking. On top, the elaborate Style Guide allows diverse interpretation of the brand for various product lines.”


Astrid Lindgren invented one of the world’s most famous children’s characters when her daughter was sick in bed and wanted her mom to tell her a story. “Since the name was remarkable, it had to be a remarkable girl”, said Astrid Lindgren. Inger Nilsson was the child star of Olle Hellbom’s films, acting as Pippi Lonstocking. The content of this property and the styleguide is based on the pictures of the films by Olle Hellbom only.


Pippi is an nine-year old with an independent spirit and an unconventional approach to life. In many aspects she is how many children would want to be. Pippi lives on her own, sharing her house ”Villa Villekulla” only with her pet monkey Herr Nilsson and her horse, ”Old Man”. Since there is no one to order her about, she can do what she pleases, and that is exactly what she does. In Pippi’s world, a new invention or an exciting adventure is just around the corner. She travels wherever she wants to, relying only on herself and her suitcase full of gold coins.