PEANUTS – News, Cooperations and PR Activities

Munich, April 2013

Snoopy always has good reasons to laugh. The black & white PEANUTS Beagle looks into very bright and colorful upcoming seasons. A couple of new licensees did come on board: Stilfabrik´s high-end fashion collections, Mantiburi´s furniture and home décor articles, BAGzilla´s eco-friendly shopping bags, a cooperation with ESPRIT kids as well as the extension of the fund raising campaign in favor of BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ being some examples for the continued growth of the PEANUTS brand and licensing program. On top of that, the successful “Snoopy Tour” will be continued in 2013 – bigger than ever before!


“Let´s go Oktoberfest!” At least Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy and Charlie Brown have already donned their Lederhosen and Dirndl, presenting them to an excited audience. The eternally young characters of the famous classic brand rush for traditional delicacies like candied apples. In their real traditional Bavarian garb they look as if they always felt “dahoam” as a true Bavarian would say to feel “home” at the Oktoberfest.

A wealth of new product releases for 2013 will impress fans and consumers. Especially ladies will be all excited about the exclusive designs on finest knits and classy tops under the fashion brand “Princess goes Hollywood” of Stilfabrik. Ladies “must have” fashion scarves and shawls of the new collection of “Codello love PEANUTS” will now be accompanied by matching articles like beach sets and bags. And of course the little ones have not been forgotten by Snoopy and his friends: Just in time for this year’s Christmas season, ESPRIT kids will launch a trendy and hip babies and kids PEANUTS collection.

But Snoopy is not just to wear. With a comprehensive new product launch by Mantiburi, encompassing besides classic wall- and window décors also stylish canvas pictures and furniture, Snoopy and PEANUTS are set to conquer not only the kid’s bedrooms but also the entire homes. And with the eco-friendly cotton shopping bags of the new BAGzilla collection one is all set to avoid plastic waste while grocery shopping and do good for the environment at the same time.

Within the campaign “Snoopy – Ein Herz für Kinder“ PEANUTS has been supporting the charity organization BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ for some years, supporting children in need in Germany but also worldwide. A recent announcement confirmed Snoopy and his friends will continue their dedication for this good cause over the next two years. Current partners are for example KV&H Verlag, Codello and Beauty & Care in cooperation with Douglas perfumeries, proving their social responsibilities.

Integral part of this fund raising campaign is the „Snoopy – Ein Herz für Kinder Tour“. This year Snoopy will embark right after the summer holidays, bringing joy to thousands of children. Moments of unbound fun combined with dance and move activities were already focus of the 2012 Tour – a concept accepted with overwhelming response. Even BILD newspaper titled: “Snoopy does the jamboree polonaise”. This concept will be further expanded this year. Team! Licensing is especially proud that the scope and reach of the Tour is expanding for the fourth consecutive time.

The PEANUTS brand continues to line up exciting news beyond 2013. Especially the new PEANUTS feature film of 20th Century Fox and it´s Blue Sky Studios, which is scheduled to hit theatres in November 2015, offers room for speculations on the storyline and continues to hit the headlines. The latest news: The eagerly awaited blockbuster will be produced in 3D CGI. But also for 2014 many terrific news are already in the pipeline which will be revealed later this year.