Miraculous is currently THE success on Disney Channel!

New daily market share record of 23.7 percent for the Disney Channel thanks to “Miraculous Day” (more…)

NABU & The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Munich, February 2019


The NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland) e.V. Germany’s membership-strongest environmental organization, integrates the popular and well-known VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR (represented by Munich-based licensing agency Team! Licensing) in environmental education activities around the current headline topic of insect exhaustion. (more…)

Miraculous® – Spots on! Claws out!

Munich, September 2018

Skydance Media partners with Zag to produce Live-Action Miraculous® – Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Skydance acquires Live-Action film and television rights to hugely popular global animated series. (more…)

Team! Licensing to Represent L.O.L. Surprise! in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Munich, September 2018

L.O.L. Surprise!®, the fastest growing collectible doll brand, has captured retail and consumers in German-speaking territories. According to The NPD Group, L.O.L. Surprise!® is the strongest growth driver in the first half of 2018 and is also the top contributor in the Dolls category which is up by 17 percent.* (more…)


München, April 2018 

Seven Acclaimed Contemporary Artists—Mr. A, Nina Chanel Abney, AVAF, FriendsWithYou, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Rob Pruitt, and Kenny Scharf— Create Peanuts-Inspired Art

 Initial Phase of the Multi-Year Project Launches in April with Large-Scale Public Murals in Paris, Seoul, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Mexico City (more…)

Stamps with Love from Snoopy and the PEANUTS

Munchen, Marz 2018

For the first time the German federal ministry of finances is issuing to postage stamps with PEANUTS.  Snoopy, Woodstock, and their friends are available since the first of March. The print run is of a high multi-million volume. Two postage stamps of the Deutsche Post are now available. (more…)

Zag’s animated property “Miraculous” inspires new range of kidswear from the American clothing brand.

München, January 2018

Animation studio Zag and Guess have joined forces to develop for an exclusive range of apparel inspired by the animated series “Miraculous–Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.” (more…)

Ab 22. Februar 2018 kommt WENDY 2 – FREUNDSCHAFT FÜR IMMER in die deutschen Kinos

nach dem erfolgreichen Kinostart von WENDY – DER FILM Anfang des Jahres dürfen sich kleine wie große Pferde-Fans auf eine spannende Fortsetzung freuen: Ab 22. Februar 2018 kommt WENDY 2 – FREUNDSCHAFT FÜR IMMER in die deutschen Kinos. Dabei muss die junge Titelheldin Wendy sich wieder großen Herausforderungen stellen. Gut, dass sie dabei auf ihr Pferd Dixie zählen kann!Die Hauptrolle der Wendy übernimmt wie im ersten Teil wieder Jule Hermann („Timm Thaler“, „Nebel im August”). Ebenfalls erneut mit dabei sind Jasmin Gerat, Benjamin Sadler, Maren Kroymann, Nadeshda Brennicke und Waldemar Kobus.

Wendy (Jule Hermann) lebt seit einem Jahr glücklich mit ihren Eltern Heike (Jasmin Gerat) und Gunnar (Benjamin Sadler) auf Rosenborg. Aber die Lage ist ernst, denn der Reiterhof ihrer Oma Herta (Maren Kroymann) steht kurz vor der Pleite. Als Wendy von dem Jugendturnier erfährt, das von Ulrike (Nadeshda Brennicke), der Chefin des großen und modernen Reiterhofs St. Georg, ausgerichtet wird, ist sie sich sicher: Ein Sieg und die damit verbundene Geldprämie wären die Rettung für Rosenborg. Aber ihr Pferd Dixie ist und bleibt ein Zirkuspferd und will einfach nicht springen. Doch dann bringt Metzger Röttgers (Waldemar Kobus) das traumatisierte Turnierpferd Penny nach Rosenborg. Wendy erkennt sofort Pennys Potential und durchschaut zugleich das Problem: Penny hat Angst vorm Springen. Während sie voll damit beschäftigt ist, Penny zu helfen, fühlt sich Dixie zunehmend vernachlässigt… Wird es Wendy gelingen, die Freundschaft zu Dixie zu retten, Pennys Angst zu heilen und mit ihr das Turnier zu gewinnen?

Nach dem erfolgreichen Kinostart von WENDY – DER FILM Anfang des Jahres erlebt die beliebte Titelheldin Wendy Thorsteeg nun ihr nächstes spannendes Pferde-Abenteuer. Regisseur Hanno Olderdissen („Familie verpflichtet“) verfilmte das Drehbuch von Carolin Hecht („Allein unter Müttern“) an malerischen Orten im Großraum Köln. Die Hauptrollen spielen Jule Hermann („Timm Thaler“, „Nebel im August”), Jasmin Gerat („Nicht mein Tag“, „Kokowääh“), Benjamin Sadler („Das Programm“, „Schuld“), Maren Kroymann („Mängelexemplar“, „Antonio, ihm schmeckt’s nicht!“), Nadeshda Brennicke („Banklady“) und Waldemar Kobus („Wickie und die starken Männer“).

WENDY 2 – FREUNDSCHAFT FÜR IMMER ist eine Produktion der Bantry Bay Productions GmbH in Koproduktion mit der Deutschen Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion GmbH. Als Produzenten fungieren Jan Kromschröder und Eva Holtmann („Club der roten Bänder“, „Kästner und der kleine Dienstag“). Der Film wurde gefördert von der Film- und Medienstiftung NRW und dem Deutschen Filmförderfonds (DFFF).

Deutscher Kinostart: 22. Februar 2018


Launch of the 2nd Season of „Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir”

München, November 2017

A brand with top airing in Germany, an appealing selection of Licensees and impressive promotion partners to support the brand – well, that’s just Miraculous! (more…)

ASOS x Hello Kitty collaboration: LAUNCHES TODAY

Munich, October 2017

Launching today, for the very first time, Sanrio has joined forces with ASOS to create a 40-piece Hello Kitty clothing and gifting range. We worked together to create this collection that ranges from streetwear-inspired pieces and preppy, classic items to cool, kitsch gifting ideas. (more…)

BVB teams up with Snoopy: Unique dual licensing opportunity!

Munich, August 08, 2017

At home in Dortmund and around the world Borussia Dortmund is known as one of the most popular and most successful German soccer clubs. Now the BVB teams up with a new friend! Snoopy, the world’s most famous beagle, has pulled the black-and-yellow shirt of the eight-time German champions over his black-and-white fur. Together with his friends, he has kitted himself out with a wide range of co-branded merchandise. (more…)

Wendy 2 – Freundschaft in Gefahr


Sony Pictures Releasing

Produktion von Bantry Bay Productions GmbH in Koproduktion mit
Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion GmbH

Nachdem WENDY – DER FILM Anfang 2017 die Herzen kleiner wie auch großer Pferdefans im Galopp erobert hat, freuen wir uns Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die junge Titelheldin Wendy bald ihr nächstes spannendes Abenteuer auf der großen Leinwand erlebt: (more…)

Miraculous – New product releases

Munich, March 2017

A wide array of new products are about to be released for „Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” in Germany. Miraculous, from Zag Animation Studios, with offices in Paris and Los Angeles, started last May with sensational ratings on Disney Channel and was able to climb even higher in its role as an extremely popular TV-format during the winter program. With breathtaking ratings amongst children aged 3-13 “Miraculous” is reaching a market share of more than 30%, confirming it is one of the audience’s absolute favorites. The success of the show on TV is driving a comprehensive licensing program. (more…)

„Miraculous“, the international sensation, holds Germany in its grip

„Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir”, started last May with sensational ratings on Disney Channel and was able to soar even higher in its role as an extremely popular TV-format during the winter program. With breathtaking ratings amongst children aged 3-13 “Miraculous” is reaching a market share of more than 30%, confirming it is one of the audience’s absolute favorites. On average „Miraculous“ attains ratings far above the channel’s average. (more…)


Munich, December 2016

Hello Kitty – the little girl with a red bow and a heart of gold – has played for a long time an important role in the life of Marina Hoermanseder. Her passion for the brand is reflected in the remarkable collection she has now launched.



Berlin, September 2016

„Hello Kitty has steadily been an inspiration for me as a designer“ – Marina Hoermanseder

Hello Kitty – the little girl from London with a red bow and a heart of gold – has played an important role in the life of Marina Hoermanseder. Her passion for the brand is reflected in the more girly and playful side of her label and becomes even more apparent when visiting her apartment in Berlin, where Hello Kitty bed linen and slippers as well as a neon pink colored fridge have pride of place.


Hello Kitty starring at the Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt

Munich, August 2016

Between August 26 – 28 you can touch and taste Hello Kitty. Frankfurt celebrates its Museums in an unique combination of music and culture directly on the banks of the river Main in the heart of the city, with the breathtaking backdrop of the Frankfurt Skyline – this year with a bow and in pink! (more…)

Miraculous leaps into action – in Germany!

Munich, August 2016

Worldwide, Miraculous is already a #1 hit animation TV-series. Now the success has also taken Germany by storm, making it one of the top-series on Disney Channel Germany! Based on the “miraculous” international success, the production of the second season has recently started. Latest news: Season three is now also confirmed. (more…)

Team! Licensing sucht eine(n) Licensing Sales Manager (w/m)

Team! Licensing GmbH ist eine der führenden Lizenz Agenturen im deutschsprachigen Bereich. Die Geschäftsaktivitäten umfassen die Akquisition von Lizenz Themen, die Vermarktung der Brands in allen Handelssegmenten sowie individuelle Brand Building Aktivitäten. Zu unserem Portfolio gehören unter anderem so erfolgreiche Themen wie PEANUTS, Hello Kitty und Wendy. (more…)

BanBao signs multi-year licensing deal with PEANUTS

Munich, July 2016

BanBao has signed a global licensing deal with the popular PEANUTS license to produce building block play sets.


Sweet and Delicious – Dunkin Donuts partners with Hello Kitty

Munich, Mai 2016

Dunkin Donuts brings Hello Kitty delicacies into their German subsidiaries. A highlight for everyone with a sweet tooth – Dunkin Donuts is turning their stores PINK!  (more…)

New PEANUTS TV-series will be released on May 23rd on DVD and Blu-ray

Munich, May 2016

Produced in 2014, the newly animated PEANUTS TV-series consists of 500 shorts. In blocks of 7 minutes they tell short stories based on the popular PEANUTS cartoons. (more…)


Munich, April 2016

ZAG announced today that it has established a global network of licensing agencies to represent Zag Heroez, Miraculous™; Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Miraculous™ the 3D CGI, animated, comedy action TV series airs in over 120 markets. (more…)

Mr. Men April 2016 Newsletter

Back to School with Snoopy and idee+spiel

Munich, February 23rd 2016

Nicer and even more valuable: the fourth edition of the idee+spiel-schoolbox features the popular characters of PEANUTS!


PEANUTS celebrate their second Christmas at Butlers

Munich, 19. November 2015

This Christmas the PEANUTS are truly omnipresent at Butlers. Featured on plates, mugs, tins and bowls they guarantee an enjoyable and merry Christmastime. (more…)

New PEANUTS Trailer, US Movie release, and a new Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

November 10, 2015

The newest Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been dedicated to Snoopy from the PEANUTS. The timing of the award is of course no coincidence: Soon the eagerly awaited PEANUTS Movie will also hit European cinemas. (more…)

Snoopy and his Sister Belle at Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin, 09. July 2015


Germany-Premiere of the touring exhibition „Snoopy & Belle in Fashion“ with Kaviar Gauche on 08. July 2015 in the Ermelerhaus at the art‘otel berlin mitte (more…)

New PEANUTS Trailer

Munich, June 2015

Fun and happiness guaranteed – the brand new PEANUTS Movie Trailer has finally arrived!

New Talking Tom & Friends Animated TV-Series Launched!

Munich, May 2015

The first episode of the highly anticipated new Talking Tom & Friends 3D CGI animated TV-series has just been released on YouTube. New Episodes featuring the popular characters originating from the record breaking mobile app franchise will air weekly on the brand’s YouTube channel (more…)

The PEANUTS gang to take over!

Munich, March 2015

In China, 2015 might be the year of the sheep, in the German speaking markets however, it will be the year of the dog. Not any odd dog. It will be the year of the amusingly peculiar and extremely popular beagle Snoopy. With nearly 50 very active licensees, Germany is the strongest European country for PEANUTS. (more…)

Joester Loria Group Appoints Team! Licensing for The World of Eric Carle in Germany

Munich, December 2014

Team! Licensing is very pleased to represent the classic children’s brand The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The Munich based licensing agent, with specialized expertise on classic properties, will further develop the popular brand based on Carle’s best-selling children’s picture books known for its charming characters and illustrations and unparalleled educative reputation. (more…)

Continuous growth: Sibylle Brauneis strengthens Team! Licensing

Munich, December 2014

The successful Munich based agency continues to expand with its up to date properties and established brands. With Sibylle Brauneis, Director Sales & Retail, yet another licensing specialist joins the dedicated team. (more…)

Calimero is back!

Munich, September 2014

Starting October 6th, Calimero will be back on TV at Super RTL. The brand new, lovingly animated series will premier in Germany with the episode Flower Power. Airing weekdays at 15:00, Calimero secured an attractive slot, very appealing to its target group of boys and girls aged 4 – 9 years. (more…)

PEANUTS News – Butlers ♥ PEANUTS

Munich, September 2014

Butlers presents PEANUTS as major product release. (more…)

Exceptional Feedback to Talking Tom and Friends

Munich June 2014

With more than 1.7 billion downloads Talking Tom and Friends is in 230 countries the phenomena of the smartphone-age. Hardly any other app has been downloaded as often.  (more…)

PEANUTS News – Facebook & Apps

Munich, May 2014

PEANUTS cross 5 Million Facebook Fans. With an above average Fan Base Snoopy is the most active Character on Facebook. A superb 24% Engagement makes PEANUTS Fans about 10 x as active as other fans on Facebook. (more…)

40 years of Hello Kitty brings numerous product releases

Munich, March 2014

With a strong focus on women and girls of all ages, Hello Kitty is a well-established brand in GAS. 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the character with the famous bow. (more…)

PEANUTS reach 3 Million Likes on Facebook

Munich, March 2014

The great popularity of Snoopy and Charlie Brown is not just evident in the fast choice of available licensed articles, but also online the PEANUTS enjoy great social acceptance. (more…)

PEANUTS News – Snoopy loves to play!

Munich, January 2014

Thanks to new partners like Heunec and Schleich PEANUTS will be prominently featured this year at toy retail. The PEANUTS toys and games program will be complemented by the comprehensive line of Noris-Spiele. (more…)

SNOOPY shows his „Heart for children“ – The star of PEANUTS delighted over 1.300 children

Munich, November 2013

Throughout October Snoopy stopped by various social facilities to visit lots of children. The little ones had a joyful and unforgettable day with the star of the PEANUTS. (more…)

Peanuts Gets New Animated Content

Munich, October 2013

Peanuts Worldwide is partnering with Normaal Animation and Télévisions to create 500 all new animated shorts based on the Peanuts comic strip and characters by Charles M. Schulz. (more…)

The „Snoopy – Ein Herz für Kinder“ Tour 2013 launches with overwhelming excitement

Munich, October 2012

Since Monday, Snoopy, the popular star of the PEANUTS is travelling throughout Germany. Life-sized, cute and cuddly he is visiting many social institutions supported by BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“. (more…)

Sanrio Characters: Sanrio’s new Multi Properties Format

Munich, September 2013

A dream comes true: Sanrio’s new Multi Properties Format is a mind boggling alternative to single character licensing. For the first time a special program has been created that fully capitalizes on the wealth of Sanrio Properties, bringing them all onto the same product. Hello Kitty is being joined by all her friends!


Team! Licensing says: Konnichiwa, Hello Kitty!

Munich, July 2013

A sweet girl with an unmistakable bow has been enchanting women and children’s hearts for nearly 40 years. Just in time for the upcoming Hello Kitty Anniversary in 2014 Team! Licensing secures the licensing rights for the famous and popular design icon for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  (more…)

PEANUTS – News, Cooperations and PR Activities

Munich, April 2013

Snoopy always has good reasons to laugh. The black & white PEANUTS Beagle looks into very bright and colorful upcoming seasons. A couple of new licensees did come on board: (more…)

SNOOPY reveals his „Heart for children“

Munich, February 2013

The star of PEANUTS enthused over 1.200 kids during his journey through Germany. By focussing on the active participation of the kids and motivating them to have fun through movement, the all new concept of the Tour was successful in every aspect. On top of that, the social commitment of Snoopy achieved a broad resonance in the German press.


For the third time Snoopy has travelled through Germany to visit facilities supported by the renowned German charity organization BILD hilft e.V. “Ein Herz für Kinder” (“A heart for children”). The little ones were just as excited as the educators – with Snoopy one of the most famous and favorite comic characters entered good-humored their kindergartens. The hero of the PEANUTS gang had a diverse join-in-show and bulging gift bags with him. The children aged one to six years danced extensively to the music of PEANUTS, made a polonaise through their nursery and cuddled to their heart’s joy with the flurry and soft beagle.

Snoopy was given numerous self-drawn pictures and he showed his gratitude with a bag full of souvenirs for each child: stickers, puzzles, figurines and washing gloves in PEANUTS design made the kid’s hearts beat faster! Snoopy travelled through 20 kindergartens in 11 cities. “This year a completely new concept has been developed for the tour and we are excited that this approach has been embraced so enthusiastically by the kids.” Gerold Kolenbrander, CEO of Team! Licensing commented. „To meet Snoopy in real life makes a dream come true for many. But being able to play, dance and cuddle with him really enthuses kids.” For the first time accompanying brochures were distributed this year, with funny and interesting information for kids and parents about Snoopy and PEANUTS as well as explaining to them the engagement of “Ein Herz für Kinder”.



Snoopy, the cute, keen and lively Beagle of the PEANUTS gang is an iconic character and as cheerful and bright as his visit should be for the kids, as serious is the motivation behind Snoopy´s and PEANUTS´s engagement for the good cause in order to support BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“. This charity activity started in 2010, the 60th anniversary of PEANUTS. PEANUTS, themselves children, also reflect the world’s problems. And we all know the world is full of problems. One of the most renowned and respected charity organization supporting children in need is BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“. Thanks to motivated partners, Snoopy and PEANUTS were able to collect donations for the good cause in the last years which supported many beneficial projects. The „Snoopy – Ein Herz für Kinder“ Tour was financed by the PEANUTS rights holders and Team! Licensing and supported by licensing partners through product donations for the gift bags.


New and exclusive at Douglas: Snoopy!

Munich, January 2013

A pleasant scent and a pleasant deed: on time for this year’s valentine’s day three fresh beauty novelties become available for the small and bigger fans of PEANUTS! (more…)

Pippi Longstocking: kid’s classic brand becomes shooting star of licensing portfolio

Munich, November 2012

For the very first time the images of the original Pippi Longstocking movies, starring Inger Nilsson, have become available for licensed products. Team! Licensing, the agency overseeing the property, is very pleased with the market’s strong demand for the brand. (more…)

Bright children’s eyes make everyone happy: The “Snoopy – Ein Herz für Kinder” Tour 2012

Munich, November 2012

It’s that time of the year again. From the end of November, just in time for the 2012 Christmas Season, Snoopy will start his third charity tour throughout Germany, bestowing many children with a few cheerful hours. (more…)

No monkeying around: Team! Licensing secures Paul Frank Lifestyle Brand

Munich, October 2012

Paul Frank, already well-established throughout the German speaking markets with numerous products being in high demand by consumers, is now being represented by Team! Licensing in their core markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (more…)


Iconix Brand Group Announces Film Release To Coincide With The 65th Anniversary Of The Iconic Comic Strip In 2015 


Mr. Men & Little Miss – Revamp with Sanrio Creative Experience

Munich, October 2012

Most Hollywood Stars undertake a facelift of a sort or another in their lifetime. Classic Brands don’t really need that, since they are timeless anyway. Still, all is very new with Mr. Men and Little Miss, although they have been breaking records since 1971.


PHILIPP PLEIN – PEANUTS – Unleash the kids

Munich, September 2012

The Fall/Winter season has started and children can be lighthearted and free. Whether they are sporting in the snow or relaxing with a hot chocolate in their warm and protected homes – the kids can be what is the most important for them: kids! (more…)

New Partners kimmidoll & kimmidoll love

Munich, September 2012

The internationally very successful brand kimmidoll recently added two new partners for the German speaking market and it made quite a splash with the release of the latest sub-brand kimmidoll love. (more…)

CODELLO does good – PEANUTS Scarf „Best Friends Forever“

Munich, July 2012

The Munich based accessories manufacturer Codello supports the charity organization BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ with a 5 Euro donation per article sold. Looking stylish and doing good has never been so easy (more…)

Team! Licensing presents selected new PEANUTS product releases

Munich, June 2012

Every year hundreds of new PEANUTS products are released in German speaking territories. (more…)

Team! Licensing represents kimmidoll and kimmidoll junior

Munich, May 2012

Elegance pleasing heart, mind and the senses – Team! Licensing represents with kimmidoll and kimmidoll junior unique brands with a distinctive look. (more…)

Focused on Retail- and Promotion-Partners: Team! Licensing grows with Daniela Cardoni

Munich, April 2012

Team! Licensing represents a new generation of licensing agencies. We believe the creation of valuable and sustainable licensing campaigns is a true joint effort between all partners involved. (more…)

Looking kewl: Team! Licensing dressed up by Pink Cookie and Crusade fashion brand

Munich, February 2012

Pink Cookie is a trend-conscious, hip fashion brand that has become very popular among young independent female consumers around the world. Team! Licensing has now experienced a rebellious make-over to master the constantly evolving, edgy and appealingly fresh teenage beast known as Pink Cookie. (more…)


Munich, February 2012

Increased new media presence of the PEANUTS characters through the charmingly designed Apps of RisingGames. In addition to the classic game concept “Pairs” the Peanuts are also the heroes of the custom animated jump’n’run App “Missing Siblings”. (more…)

Dinosaurs are very much alive at Team! Licensing!

Munich, January 2012

Dino Dan™ is the new live action TV series about the adventures of a 10-year-old dinosaur enthusiast and his friends. Dan Henderson is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary passion: Dinosaurs. (more…)

Condor and Peanuts hand over check to Wings of Help

Holiday Airline and Wings of Help strengthen partnership with further aid transports into disaster areas

Kelsterbach (ots), Januar 13, 2012

In light of yesterdays 2nd centenary of the earthquake disaster in Haiti, Condor and the Peanuts handed over a check in the amount of Euro 175,000 to the aid organization Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen – Wings of Help e.V. (more…)

Successful “Snoopy-Tour 2011” – Snoopy brings happiness and presents

Munich, December 2011

During the “Snoopy-Tour 2011” from middle of November through beginning of December Snoopy, the most popular character of the PEANUTS comic strip, visited different social institutions throughout Germany. (more…)

Team! Licensing and Zoodorable, the Design Brand for Fashion Gurus!

Munich/New York, December 2011

CopCorp Licensing President Carole Postal selects Munich-based Team! Licensing to manage the Zoodorable licensing program in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (more…)

Team! Licensing represents MoshiMoshiKawaii

Munich, November 2011

Munich based Team! Licensing secures representation rights to MoshiMoshiKawaii which is – with it´s over 250 characters – bespoken to become the next collectable craze for all kids. (more…)

Snoopy and His Friends Promote ITEC Solar and a Sunny Future

Munich/Nuremberg, November 2011

Headquartered in Nuremberg, ITEC Solar GmbH has signed an advertising agreement with Peanuts Worldwide LLC and Team! Licensing. The company sells high-quality photovoltaic modules to wholesalers and specialized retailers all over Europe and, (more…)

Team! Licensing represents Skelanimals

Munich, November 2011

Trendy lifestyle brand Skelanimals finds a new home with Munich based licensing agency Team! Licensing.

Quirky and fun, Skelanimals with its more than 30 lovable characters are already successfully established in the international fashion world. Team! Licensing plans to implement the fashionable designs (more…)

Peanuts New Media

Munich, August 2011

New strategic partnerships and initiatives increase PEANUTS presence in digital media and on Facebook and Co.

Multiple new partnerships and initiatives mark the worldwide expansion of the PEANUTS brand into the digital, web, and social arena. (more…)

Codello love Peanuts

Munich, August 2011

Snoopy, Woodstock and co., the adorable comic characters originally created in the 1950s, will be adorning CODELLO’s scarves and shawls in summer 2012.

Peanuts have been around since 1950 and Snoopy, (more…)

Snoopy has “A Heart for Children”

München, Juli 2011

Successful PEANUTS charity campaign to contribute to BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ extended until the end of 2012.

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder – you cannot think of a life without them. (more…)

Team! Licensing represents It´s Happy Bunny™

Munich/New York, May 2011

Team! Player: Team! Licensing. CopCorp Licensing President Carole Postal today announced the appointment of Munich-based agency Team! Licensing to manage the licensing program for Jim Benton´s It´s Happy Bunny™ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (more…)

Condor und Peanuts – Together we are strong

Munich/Oberursel, January 2011

Condor, one of the biggest German airlines, continues throughout the year 2011 to fly together with PEANUTS millions of passengers to the most beautiful holiday destinations around the world.

With one flagship of each of the three Condor fleets (more…)