Team! Licensing and Zoodorable, the Design Brand for Fashion Gurus!

Munich/New York, December 2011

CopCorp Licensing President Carole Postal selects Munich-based Team! Licensing to manage the Zoodorable licensing program in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Zoodorable is the fun, adorable and uplifting new design brand from Han L. Lee. The secret heroes are five little monsters who transfer their super power to the human characters. Their home is called Zootosphere and it’s so much sweeter than earth because there everyone has special powers. Nevertheless Pink Bubba Bear, Yammie Monkey, Marvelous Star Dragon, Boomer Blob and the Adorable Oglie Monster decide to visit planet earth. Once here, they even found five cool humans to take care of them, kinda like pets!

Licensed apparel and plush are already available with accessories, back-to-school, and gift categories ready soon for the fans in the U.S. market as well. The Zoodorable website is highly popular with over 200.000 page views per month.

“The successful mixture of buoyant monsters and human beings, combined with super stylish designs makes this brand so interesting for our markets”, says Gerold Kolenbrander, CEO Team! Licensing. “We plan to establish Zoodorable with cool and trendy Fashion lines and fancy accessories. We see our key target group with kids and tweens.”

“It is always a great feeling when you can put the right property together with the right partners,” says Carole Postal, President CopCorp Licensing. “I know we have a wonderful property in Zoodorable and I have complete confidence in the team at Team! Licensing so we are looking forward to working with them to launch and grow our Zoodorable program in Europe.”

Welcome to Zoodorable, the place to express yourself through wearable art.

Team! Licensing represents Zoodorable in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.