Team! Licensing represents Skelanimals

Munich, November 2011

Trendy lifestyle brand Skelanimals finds a new home with Munich based licensing agency Team! Licensing.

Quirky and fun, Skelanimals with its more than 30 lovable characters are already successfully established in the international fashion world. Team! Licensing plans to implement the fashionable designs and trendy products in the German speaking markets. Teens and young adults will love the hip and creative products in the timelessly cool Skelanimals look.

Skelanimals are adorable little characters who have met an untimely end – mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. And these dead little animals need love! Their hilarious back stories give the brand its signature lighthearted feeling. The company Trend Import has already successfully established a broad line of trendy products in Germany. Additional category lines will hit our market soon. Until now, Skelanimals designs have featuring their classic colors of white, black and red. Numerous additional style guides incorporate international fashion trends, creating a brand new look in combination with the iconic Skelanimals characters. Hot and fresh color schemes have been integrated, from soft pastel to pink and lilac, the darker color variations reaching a hip male target group.

“Skelanimals are really cool, we have been following their international success story and are excited to be working with them. We are planning to introduce new lines of products, reflecting the actual color and fashion trends whereby we maintain Skelanimals characteristic look”, says Katarina Dietrich, CEO of Team! Licensing. “Skelanimals are hip and stylish, they have struck a chord with a broad target group of fashion-conscious teens and young adults. The variety of designs and creative freedom just makes it fun to work with Skelanimals.”

“We are excited to be working with Team! Licensing,” says Cindy Bailey, CEO of Art Impressions, Inc., which owns the Skelanimals brand in conjunction with its creator.  “Their wealth of experience in the European market will be invaluable in expanding the reach of the timeless Skelanimals brand in the region, and we are looking forward to bringing new products to market for our many fans in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland!”

According to the true potential of the Skelanimals brand, Team! Licensing plans to position an extensive collection for boutiques, trendy outlets and fashion driven retail chains, just where the formidable fashionistas are expecting to find Skelanimals products reflecting the quirky and lovable nature of the hip creatures.