Snoopy and His Friends Promote ITEC Solar and a Sunny Future

Munich/Nuremberg, November 2011

Headquartered in Nuremberg, ITEC Solar GmbH has signed an advertising agreement with Peanuts Worldwide LLC and Team! Licensing. The company sells high-quality photovoltaic modules to wholesalers and specialized retailers all over Europe and, since mid September 2011, has started a new advertising campaign with Snoopy and his friends. The goal of this measure is to increase the degree of brand awareness and strengthen the corporate identity. The campaign will be launched first in German-speaking countries and later possibly also in additional European target markets.

Loved by everybody, the Peanuts characters – particularly Snoopy with his cute little bright red dog house – will be advertising under the motto:

“All around carefree with brand name modules of ITEC Solar”


“Cool deal – the brand name modules of ITEC Solar”

and other catchy slogans for this company.

The positive image of the Peanuts characters harmonizes perfectly with the positive connotations of solar energy and creates additional desirable emotional appeal for the corporate identity of ITEC Solar. The brand new campaign gives ITEC Solar a new accent which raises it above the usual advertising of the industry.

The idea for this campaign was developed by the in-house marketing manager and was liked by everyone at first sight, inside and outside the company.

“We are a young industry and were immediately excited about the idea of advertising with the Peanuts characters. The idea is also popular with our partners and it looks like we hit the nail on the head. We have already received initial positive feedback on the advertising campaign from a wide variety of sources and we are confident that this saucy upbeat campaign will win over even more people for the idea of a common future with clean solar energy,” said Gerald Kastorff, Managing Director of ITEC Solar.  „We are extremely delighted to see Snoopy and the Peanuts involved in a campaign for renewable energies and with ITEC Solar we found an excellent partner in this important segment“, adds Gerold Kolenbrander, CEO Team! Licensing.

Snoopy’s worry free and sunny attitude goes right along with the image of a flexible and uncomplicated company with strong partners on the manufacturing and customer sides. In addition, it subtly underlines the idea that photovoltaic should be affordable for everyone – something that ITEC Solar feels very strongly about. Snoopy shows us how: The brand name modules of ITEC Solar fit on almost every roof and are tailor made for a wide variety of solar power solutions – from single-family dwellings to commercial roofs to the megawatt projects of solar parks.

On the one hand, the advertising character reflects the uncomplicated functioning of photovoltaic and allays any misgivings that interested parties may have concerning the material. On the other hand, the profound, philosophical attitude of the Peanuts characters goes hand in hand with the subject of renewable energies which, as every person knows, is the only realistic form of energy for the future.

During the coming business year 2012, the Peanuts characters are to be gradually included in the corporate identity of the company by being used for advertising. They will appear more often on the advertising materials of ITEC Solar which, as seen strategically, will continuously increase circulation and awareness.