Snoopy has “A Heart for Children”

München, Juli 2011

Successful PEANUTS charity campaign to contribute to BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ extended until the end of 2012.

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder – you cannot think of a life without them. Since Charles M. Schulz invented the characters in 1950, PEANUTS has accompanied us with their unique humor and laconic wisdom. In 2010, PEANUTS celebrated its 60th anniversary. That was the initial reason for a big charity campaign which will now be established long term.

Team! Licensing, the licensing agency of the PEANUTS, BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ (A Heart for Children) and Peanuts Worldwide, the licensor of the PEANUTS have just agreed to continue to provide the already established „Snoopy / Ein Herz für Kinder“ logo to PEANUTS partners participating in the charity campaign. Until the end of 2012 products and promotions at German retail featuring this logo will generate donations contributing “Ein Herz für Kinder”. Through this activity 500.000 Euros have already been donated in the name of the PEANUTS for children in need.

“We are thrilled about the drive our licensing partners exercised in this captivating activity throughout the past year. Still there are many additional opportunities to participate in this extremely successful project. There certainly is no deficit of ideas. BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ (A Heart for Children) is the charity organization focusing on children. The PEANUTS are the equivalent of an authentic childhood. The impressive donation sum topping half a million Euros was our motivation to continue and by raising further contributions with our PEANUTS partners we want to share the success of the PEANUTS with children in need” Gerold Kolenbrander stated, explaining the dedication of Team! Licensing.

As part of this activity the acclaimed „Snoopy / Ein Herz für Kinder“ nationwide tour is being continued. Snoopy will visit numerous institutions supported by „Ein Herz für Kinder“ like infant’s hospitals or nurseries in Germany and he will for sure courier popular PEANUTS presents to the kids. Starting fall 2011 kids are up for surprises and not just a few will experience unforgettable hours.

Here are some impressions of the „Snoopy / Ein Herz für Kinder“ Tour 2010