Peanuts Gets New Animated Content

Munich, October 2013

Peanuts Worldwide is partnering with Normaal Animation and Télévisions to create 500 all new animated shorts based on the Peanuts comic strip and characters by Charles M. Schulz.

The 90-second shorts are part of Peanuts Worldwide’s strategy to continue to build its content portfolio, which will include a new feature film in November 2015 from Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios.

“Partnering with a dynamic production house such as Normaal Animation and a leading broadcaster like France Televisions, is a key step in our strategy to build all new content based on the characters and storylines by Charles Schulz,” says Neil Cole, chairman and chief executive officer, Iconix Brand Group, which owns a primary interest in Peanuts Worldwide. “The new collection and format will also provide us with the opportunity to continually keep the characters in front of new generations of Peanuts fans.”

For the very first time, Normaal will create 500 shorts that are based on the more than 18,000 daily comic strips created by Schulz. The new collection will be available for global distribution in fall 2014.