NABU & The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Munich, February 2019


The NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland) e.V. Germany’s membership-strongest environmental organization, integrates the popular and well-known VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR (represented by Munich-based licensing agency Team! Licensing) in environmental education activities around the current headline topic of insect exhaustion.

Initially, an offer will be created for the childhood sector, especially for day-care centers, which flank the nationwide Citizen Science campaign INSECT SUMMER of NABU. Insect summer is a hands-on activity where citizens count insects and report to NABU. With this action, NABU wants to find out how diverse the world of insects still is. The success of the worldwide established brand VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR is based on the extremely popular children’s books (Gerstenberg Verlag – by the legendary artist Eric Carle, who celebrates his 90th birthday this year, coinciding with the 50th anniversary anniversary of the VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR, as well as the 120th anniversary of the NABU.

With its educational approach and unique illustrations, the VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR brand has touched small and big hearts since its first appearance, and has a very positive effect on a child’s development.

As a colorful ambassador, the well-known figure VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR will emotionally stir fascination for the insect world and encourage people to protect insects. Day care centers are expressly invited to participate in the insect summer.

This long-term cooperation with NABU will start in spring / summer 2019 with educational materials for educators and exciting hands-on activities. The target group will initially be kindergartens in 2019 and will gradually extend to older target groups (children’s groups and elementary schools).

The project is being implemented in close cooperation between NABU, NAJU (Nature Protection Youth eV) and LBV (Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V.), the NABU partner in Bavaria, thereby gaining a Germany-wide presence.