New Partners kimmidoll & kimmidoll love

Munich, September 2012

The internationally very successful brand kimmidoll recently added two new partners for the German speaking market and it made quite a splash with the release of the latest sub-brand kimmidoll love. It not only closes the gap between the established target groups of adult collectors (kimmidoll collection) and kids (kimmidoll junior), kimmidoll love’s strong, trendy graphics hit the taste of today’s teens spot on.

Team! Licensing is especially pleased that already two new licensing partners recognize the exceptional potential of the brand and will be transporting the international success into German speaking countries soon. Using the artworks of “kimmidoll love” and “kimmidoll junior”, Tex-Ass has created comprehensive and stylish fashion collections and accompanying accessories. Jutta Breyer, Managing Director of Tex-Ass GmbH commented: „With its 4 girlish characters and trendy artworks kimmidoll love captures the Zeitgeist of young teens. Cool, a little insubordinate and yet maiden-like, so that realizing the designs with plenty of glitter and rhinestone is easily possible. The first designs, classy long sleeve shirts in viscose/spandex, will be in stores on time for Christmas 2012. Further designs to follow for Spring / Summer 2013. We are also very happy about the positive feedback for kimmidoll junior.”


The „kimmidoll junior“ perfume line from Koto will be available this Autumn in German and Austrian Douglas outlets. In Switzerland the customers of Manor will surely be just as delighted about the line of Koto.

For the past few years the kimmidoll lines have been an exceptional international phenomena. Leaning on the asian philosophy of gift giving and using appealing, continually changing designs secures the interest of a broader target group. While kimmidoll’s charming and stylish motifs focus mainly on women 18 years and older, kimmidoll junior’s look and feel has enjoyed great success with girls.

kimmidoll love successfully captures the way of life of 10 to 18 year olds. It would have been fatal trying to adopt existing visuals. Instead, staying true to the kimmidoll ideology, a new universe has been created. Just as the particular age of the target group is marked by rapid and drastic changes and new experiences, kimmidoll love is appealing and complex. It is the look of. Dark, strong colours and a noticeably older theme which clearly lifts it into its own world.

kimmidoll love intentionally wants to be part of the excitement, joy and thrill of this phase in life. The goal is to continuously expand the range of aesthetically designed characters offering teenage girls the chance to identify with their personalities, way of life and designs.