Team! Licensing represents kimmidoll and kimmidoll junior

Munich, May 2012

Elegance pleasing heart, mind and the senses – Team! Licensing represents with kimmidoll and kimmidoll junior unique brands with a distinctive look. Somewhere between Zen-Buddhism and the modern spirit: the kimmidoll brand is inspired by a sumptuous blend of elegant, decorative, eastern culture and style with a symbolic western influence. Each of the 168 figurines expresses its own true life value message. Common to all characters and products is the charming and breathtaking visual appearance.


 Nami – ‘Good Luck’: My spirit is optimistic and resilient.

Your ability to embrace life in all its circumstances with enthusiastic optimism keeps good fortune coming your way. May you always see the best in life and enjoy the best life brings.

The spirit of each kimmidoll® character manifests in the philosophy of giving, enriched by the desire of a fulfilled life and lasting fortune. Each character in the kimmidoll family celebrates one of life’s true values including the importance of friendship, love, luck, esteem, tolerance, compassion and benevolence throughout life’s journey. Every kimmidoll character has a delightful name reflecting her distinct and unique values.


 Nana – ‘Love’: My spirit is generous and true.

Your big-hearted nature celebrates my spirit. Always generous and steadfast in your affection, may your life be filled with all the love you need.

The beautiful designs have inspired many partners across Europe to manufacture elegant and appealing licensing products, selling extremely well. Each kimmidoll is unique in her style and the range of characters are continuously updated and expanded. Sold out dolls are not reproduced and thus a passionate desire to collect the items is guaranteed. Team! Licensing is implementing a premium licensing program focused on fashion, gift items and home decor.


 Yasuyo – ‘Truthful’: My spirit is noble and honorable.

You show my spirit in the integrity of your words and actions. By valuing what is noble and true, and taking responsibility for all that you say and do, you honour yourself and your life.

The brand is already a great success in more than 50 countries. To date nearly 13 million kimmidoll products have been sold. Damien Kenny, Director of The Aird Group, the licensor of the brand stated: “The Aird Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Team! Licensing to represent the kimmidoll brand throughout GAS. The dedicated and passionate Team! Licensing approach means that kimmidoll is in great hands. We look forward to kimmidoll flourishing throughout this wonderful European region in the months and years ahead.”


 Ryoko – Elegant: My spirit is gracious and refined.

Your refined elegance emulates my spirit. By valuing the simple and enduring things in life, and nurturing within yourself both grace and refinement, may you live an elegant life.

“kimmidoll is a success story based on a design idea, love to details and dedicated partners convinced of the concept.“ says Team! Licensing CEO Katarina Dietrich. „It is such fun to look at the product catalogues and design overviews. There are just very few properties with such an appealing design and a matching message. The initial response from our market proves kimmidoll is absolutely on trend and soon additional beautiful products of the kimmidoll line will reach trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”


 Cindi – True friends stick together

I am lovable and talkative. I want to be a swimming instructor and teach children to swim!

The kimmidoll junior extension, also represented by Team! Licensing, impresses with its enchanting design in striking, fun colors, targeting a young demographic. The various characters represent and encourage friendship and fun when playing together. Interacting with friends help children develop their emotional and intellectual abilities, whereby the joy of being together is the focus. Each kimmidoll junior character represents a charming, playful little personality and promotes special friendship messages. In total over 3 million kimmidoll junior product have been sold to date.