The PEANUTS gang to take over!

Munich, March 2015

In China, 2015 might be the year of the sheep, in the German speaking markets however, it will be the year of the dog. Not any odd dog. It will be the year of the amusingly peculiar and extremely popular beagle Snoopy. With nearly 50 very active licensees, Germany is the strongest European country for PEANUTS. Through the exciting array of events lined up for the 65th anniversary, the gang, centered around Snoopy and his sidekick Woodstock is set to rock the nation with a birthday party the market will not forget.

The biggest event in history of the PEANUTS brand will be marked by the first ever movie released in Germany on December 24, 2015. Produced by state of the art Blue Sky Studios in breathtaking 3D CGI and supported by a multimillion dollar campaign of 20th Century Fox, PEANUTS will be talk of the town!

Already numerous high profile promotional partners are lined up and will convoy the movie release with various events, marketing activities, TV commercials and advertisements. Snoopy, Charlie Brown & Co. have partnered already with QSR, beverages, salty snacks, popcorn, chocolates, biscuits, beauty, detergents and dog food, to mention just a few of confirmed highlight.


Retail footprint will also include dedicated fashion collections, magazines, a comprehensive publishing line and beautiful calendars, audio story telling CDs, PEZ candy dispensers, small collectable and life sized figurines, gifts, toys and games. The program is supported by a broad, inspiring Movie style guide as well as by thousands of PEANUTS Classic consumer products marketed by nearly 50 local licensees. And still further brilliant ideas from major players in licensing are added to the already overwhelming program.

This is the time to come on board.