The „Snoopy – Ein Herz für Kinder“ Tour 2013 launches with overwhelming excitement

Munich, October 2012

Since Monday, Snoopy, the popular star of the PEANUTS is travelling throughout Germany. Life-sized, cute and cuddly he is visiting many social institutions supported by BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“. With a versatile program he is creating memorable hours for many children. Especially those who are not always growing up on the sunny side of life.

With the launch of the tour on Monday, Snoopy was greeted with enthusiasm by children and adults in Schwerin, and on Tuesday the kids in Leipzig were equally excited. During this fourth Tour, the popular and lovable Beagle is the focus of diverse lively activities, encouraging the kids to participate.

Normally Snoopy rests lost in thoughts on the roof of his red dog house. He is now showing his bubbly side on this journey through Germany. He easily inspires entire Kindergartens for lively dances and humorous games and with his warm character it is hard to resist the charm of the PEANUTS mascot. Luckily, eventually the Comic-Character is also out of breath and then the kids have a chance to cuddle with him and stroke his head.


As a lasting memory of the wonderful time with Snoopy the kids receive gift bags filled with nice souvenirs, kindly donated by various PEANUTS partners. Snoopy and the tour is on the road until October 31st.


Snoopy and „Ein Herz für Kinder“

Snoopy, the cute, keen and lively Beagle of the PEANUTS gang is an iconic character and as cheerful and bright as his visit should be for the kids, as serious is the motivation behind Snoopy´s and PEANUTS´s engagement. The PEANUTS, themselves children, reflect the world’s problems. And we all know the world is full of problems.


The support of the charity organization BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ started in 2010, the 60th anniversary of the PEANUTS. Thanks to motivated partners, Snoopy and the PEANUTS were able to collect donations for the good cause in the last years which supported many beneficial projects in Germany and the world.



Dates of the “Snoopy – Ein Herz für Kinder” Tour 2013:

Monday 07.10.2013
Tuesday 08.10.2013
Kleine Sternchen
Böhlitzer Kinderland
Edertal (near Kassel):
Wednesday 09.10.2013
Unterm Regenbogen
Witzenhausen (near Kassel):
Wednesday 09.10.2013
Kindergarten Sonnenschein
Thursday 10.10.2013
Helen Keller Lebenshilfe
Staufenberg (near Gießen):
Thursday 10.10.2013
Kindergarten Am Buchenberg
Friday 11.10.2013
Kindergarten Hubertus 4
Langenfeld (Rheinland):
Tuesday 15.10.2013
Förderverein Kita Langenfeld e.V.
Overath (near Uelzen):
Tuesday 15.10.2013
Der bunte Luftballon
Wednesday 16.10.2013
St. Michael Caritas
Kinderhaus K2
Thursday 17.10.2013
Ev. Kita Himmelszelt
Ev. Kiga Regenbogen
Oetzen (near Uelzen):
Wednesday 23.10.2013
Kita Rosche
Wednesday 23.10.2013
Zuhause für Kinder
Lilienthal (near Bremen):
Thursday 24.10.2013
Haus Pape
Thursday 24.10.2013
Kinder/Familien Zentrum
Wednesday 30.10.2013
Musik KiGa
Thursday 31.10.2013
Kindergarten Sehstern
Kindergarten Ritterburg