Calimero is back!

Munich, September 2014

Starting October 6th, Calimero will be back on TV at Super RTL. The brand new, lovingly animated series will premier in Germany with the episode Flower Power. Airing weekdays at 15:00, Calimero secured an attractive slot, very appealing to its target group of boys and girls aged 4 – 9 years. The first season of 104 newly animated episodes will be shown this autumn.

Calimero was originally born 1963 in Italy. 104 new episodes were animated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous black chick with the white eggshell. Vibrant colors and wonderful attention to detail make the newly animated seasons of Calimero a heart-warming experience.

Team! Licensing is extremely pleased to represent Calimero in all categories apart from print, publishing and stationery for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Already on board are partners for toys, plush and puzzles and games. Team! Licensing will extend the brand into all relevant product categories and is seeking additional partners for this current, evergreen brand.


Katarina Dietrich, CEO of Team! Licensing explained: “ I’m a huge fan of Calimero and really excited working with him and his friends. The new series is exceptionally well animated and will for sure win the hearts of our target group”.

Popular across Europe since the 1970s, Calimero also keeps his catch phrase throughout this new season: “It’s just not fair!” It’s not a cry of woe, but the starting point for a new story. With his big heart, three eager companions and an old mill teeming with incredible inventions, Calimero sets off on wild adventures to put right all those things that are just not fair.

Calimero, cute and lovable, has with clever and proud Priscilla, enthusiastic Valeriano and the slightly older Peter a whale of a time! Between school, secret meetings in their workshop, our four friends invite children of all ages to join them on their explosive adventures and take a fresh look at the world around them with an open heart.

This new Calimero is not just for kids, but also for all adults who remember and love the classic brand from their childhood.

Calimero CGI © 2013 Gaumont Animation, Gaumont Television, Studio Campedelli, TV Tokyo, Kodansha, Calidra, Pagot. All rights reserved.