Dinosaurs are very much alive at Team! Licensing!

Munich, January 2012

Dino Dan™ is the new live action TV series about the adventures of a 10-year-old dinosaur enthusiast and his friends. Dan Henderson is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary passion: Dinosaurs. Dino Dan™ is produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment and distributed globally by Breakthrough Entertainment.

Each episode of Dino Dan takes viewers on a journey with Dino Dan and his friends as they encounter incredible computer-generated dinosaurs and learn about their surroundings and the importance of the scientific method. The series is aired on “Das Erste” every Saturday morning since January 7, 2012. vtmKzoom and Canal+ will broadcast Dino Dan in Belgium.

Dino Dan is the dream series for all kids who are always eager to explore the world of the amazing dinosaurs. Facts about the life and behavior of the long extinct creatures are just what adventurous kids are looking for. The fact that only Dino Dan, the paleontologist in training, is able to see dinosaurs provides the audience with a unique and privileged experience.

Dino Dan dinosaurs reflect the new thinking amongst paleontologists that dinosaurs had bright and diverse colors very similar to today’s reptiles and they are authentically developed with the input of professional paleontologists. The fantastic and colorful dinosaurs in CGI are definitely different from the actual, non-cartoon products available in the market.

The Licensing Shop Inc. manages the brand globally and recently appointed Team! Licensing to represent Dino Dan for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Katarina Dietrich, CEO Team! Licensing said, “I always loved to work on Dinosaurs, they are somewhat mystic creatures and you can always learn amazing facts about the species. The CGI animated dinos are outstanding and unique with their bright colors and I can already envision many amazing Dino Dan products in the market.”

Steve Fowler, President of The Licensing Shop Inc. commented, “We are so thrilled to be working with Team! Licensing. They approach the building of consumer products programs so strategically and creatively that we know Dino Dan couldn’t be in better hands.”

Team! Licensing represents the rights to Dino Dan in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the Benelux markets. The licensing strategy concentrates on everything boys from 3-6 years will love: Games, figurines, toys, etc. The global master toy partner is Geoworld, distributed by Carletto in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Ultimate branded Dino Dan apparel, nightwear, underwear, bedding items and a back-to-school line will of course be part of the broad licensing program, as well as a significant publishing line.