Looking kewl: Team! Licensing dressed up by Pink Cookie and Crusade fashion brand

Munich, February 2012

Pink Cookie is a trend-conscious, hip fashion brand that has become very popular among young independent female consumers around the world. Team! Licensing has now experienced a rebellious make-over to master the constantly evolving, edgy and appealingly fresh teenage beast known as Pink Cookie. Completely new is the Crusade extension targeting young self-conscious males.

Pink Cookie’s sprawling success as an international fashion brand is built on its proven ability to stun with its ever-growing variety of trend-right design elements allowing independently minded tweens, teens and juniors to express themselves, their state of mind and their fashion creativity. Pink Cookie’s alluring design elements are constantly evolving to reflect the very latest in fashion trends, but the brand is also not shy to set its own accents. Pink Cookie gives licensees incredible flexibility in creating just the right must have. Pink Cookie consumers are enticed to get carried away by a seductive selection of different or unique looks as changing moods, personal likes or inspirations dictate.

Looking at the shocking spectrum of Pink Cookie styles an utter lack of boredom is guaranteed and Team! Licensing is set to wake numbing parents in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux by driving style into their kid’s rooms and wardrobes. As appealing girls have found Pink Cookie, as freaked out teenage boys and young males will be by the male spin off theme Crusade Team! Licensing is also domesticating. These truly wild, mature and somewhat aggressive styles must be kept out of reach of mother’s little darling for the risk of mind changing consequences.

“We have great trust in the talents of Gerold Kolenbrander, Katarina Dietrich, and the entire team at Team! Licensing to deal with the dangerously strong minded and unruly brands Pink Cookie and Crusade,” says CopCorp Licensing President Carole Postal. “We know they are a smart, strategic, creative and hard-working agency and they have a hand for unique brands and know how to keep them at bay, so we are looking forward to having them as part of our Pink Cookie team.”

“We love working with Carole and have watched with amazement CopCorp raising Pink Cookie as a true global fashion brand,” says Team! Licensing CEO Katarina Dietrich. “We are very happy to be working with CopCorp to grow the Pink Cookie brand in our region and, as we do, I am sure we will make the many fashionable young men and women of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux even happier.”