No monkeying around: Team! Licensing secures Paul Frank Lifestyle Brand

Munich, October 2012

Paul Frank, already well-established throughout the German speaking markets with numerous products being in high demand by consumers, is now being represented by Team! Licensing in their core markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Paul Frank has brought its bright color palette and unique sensibilities to a global audience of men, women, boys and girls. Originally established in 1997 as an accessories company from Southern California, Paul Frank is a fashion and lifestyle brand known for its quirky and whimsical appeal.

Julius, the brand‘s iconic mascot, plays a big role on the brand’s unparalleled bandwidth of consumer products. In the German speaking markets it already ranges from apparel to bags and footwear, from stationery and home textiles to health & beauty, personal care and many other categories. Paul Frank is one of the few brands equally appealing to men and women, boys and girls. It is Team! Licensing’s aim to strengthen and broaden that demand, offering an even wider range of upper quality consumer products.

By virtue of its universal appeal, Paul Frank has reached tremendous recognition and popularity worldwide. Being a lovable creature, filled with curiosity and wonder, Julius the monkey had great part in the success of Paul Frank. Bringing adventure in everyone’s lives he doesn’t need to call up his friends to have them join him – they just find him and join on the fun. Julius and his friends from Planned Pines express the brand’s values being quirky, irreverent and authentic, making this property so unique.

Equally important is the tremendous wealth of available art. Being regularly updated, the design themes ensure the brand constantly stays fresh and up to date and appealing to the various target groups.

“We love the bright, happy colors and inspired surroundings of Paul Frank.” Gerold Kolenbrander, CEO of Team! Licensing stated. “Characters like Julius and Skurvy, with their quirky, irreverent, authentic humor and whole-hearted sincerity strike a nerve with kids, teens and young adults. It has this youthful, fresh draw to just about everything and we are extremely excited to be working with Saban on this fantastic brand.”

Kirk Bloomgarden, SVP International Licensing Saban Brands says: “We are thrilled to be working with Team! Licensing on Paul Frank. Team! Licensing brings a wealth of experience in the German speaking markets that will help us expand our retail penetration. Team! Licensing´s strategic approach to licensing is just what we need as we grow Paul Frank in the coming years.”